Sunday, November 20, 2011

Book Review: Simply Fresh

When I was in college, there was a Ruby Tuesday in the mall. I wasn't that big of a fan. Flash forward a decade and I love it. They have a very sophisticated yet still casual concept when it comes to their food and dining atmosphere. Yeah, they aren't just burgers any more.

Andrews McMeel Publishing has put out a new cookbook called Simply Fresh: casual dinning at home by Jeff Morgan. With over 100 recipes that have been inspired by the many dishes that grace the tables at Ruby Tuesday, this cookbook is one deserving your kitchen. The recipes are simple using fresh ingredients and easy to follow directions.

Now I love cookbooks, but I admit I have a problem following directions. I have to add my own spin to things. One of the recipes that I tried out was the Tomato Soup with Fresh Basil on page 82. Yes, couldn't leave it be. I added canned lump crab and diced frozen shrimp. This chunky soup is so rich and flavorful that even my husband who is not a fan of soup or tomatoes asked for seconds. We used the leftover soup the next day to top corkscrew pasta. Like all soup, it was even better the next day. Sorry, I don't have any pictures. We ate it all before I even thought about it.

Pictures of course are the best part of a cookbook. I know it is cheaper to publish a cookbook sans photos for every recipe, but I have never understood why that should even be considered. We eat with our eyes before we ever taste our food. I will not buy a cookbook that does not show me what the recipe will look like. That is another reason I love this cookbook. There are pictures galore.

Yummm...this is all making me hungry. Time to get cooking!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Think Pink! a book review of The Boy with Pink Hair

I love books where the main character discovers that being different is just awesome. I have a new favorite picture book.

Now it seems to be the trend that Hollywood is not happy with being just actors or singers. They want to be writers too. Madonna did it. Hilary Duff did it. Even the girl who played Winnie on the Wonder Years has done it. Now Perez Hilton has decided to put his hat in the Children's publishing arena.

The Boy with Pink Hair was great. It is not about a boy who wants to be a girl or dye his hair, he was born with pink hair. Rather than try to cure it like Gerald McBoing-Boing's  or even Daisy Head Mayzie's parents do, The Boy with Pink Hair's parents teach him to embrace being different and to play up what his talents are. In this case, his talents are cooking (especially pink food). I love that none of the characters in the book have actual names. They are referred to as The Boy with Pink Hair, The Girl with Pig Tails, and the Boy With the Bad Attitude (among others).

The Boy with Pink Hair says he dreams of a school where everyone has different colored hair and together they make up a rainbow. We are all too often discouraged from being different and not conforming. Perez Hilton says that he is working on being the change that he wants to see in the world. The fence seems to be be right there splitting everything when it comes to the celebrity blogger. He has been called a cyber bully and a man with an agenda among other things. To be honest, other than the fact that he is openly gay and in-tuned with the Hollywood gossip circuit, I don't know that much about him. I am judging this book strictly on the story which is awesome.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Of things to come...

This next month is going to be pretty crazy for me. I just don't know how to say no sometimes. I think I am finally starting to realize that I am becoming over extended. Yes, being Not Quite Superhuman is catching up.

I registered at NaNoWriMo's website but have not written a single word. I just like my WIP too much to switch to another idea right now. Though I admit that I love this month because there is just soo much advice out there from writers, agents, and publishers. The fabulous Carrie Ryan, author of The Forest of Hands and Teeth, was at my library last month. She started out during NaNoWriMo and said community was the best thing she took from the experience. So for the moment I am going to follow along on the networks and lurk on the blogs for all the advice and ideas that can be found.

I have also started what I am calling the great coupon experiment. I am in month two of trying extreme couponing. So far I am spending the same amount of money each month, but my pantry is full and we have been going out to eat way less. This month will be the true test because even though it is just the three of us, we still spend more when there are holiday meals.

I also started reviewing over at No Flying No Tights which is a graphic novel review website. Yeah, finally a legit excuse to spend more time reading manga and watching anime.

I fully have plans to revamp this blog started prob in January with more of a defined schedule. Some features that I am toying with are more book reviews, discount deals, and crafts. I am not sure yet what the schedule will be or what names I will call the features, but in the mean time I will offer a peek at a great discount deal. Enjoy!

Head on over to NoMoreRack for great deals on electronics, clothes, and more. Deals are good just for either one day or when they sell out, whichever comes first. You can get some items for up to 80% off or more in some cases. Plus shipping is just $2 per item. Great for holiday shopping!