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Best STEM Resources for NextGen Scientists: The Essential Selection and User's Guide
Libraries Unlimited 2015

Tech Savvy Library Professionals
Little eLit 2015
Published in the book Young Children, New Media, and Libraries

The Why, What, Who, When, and How of Library Community Partnerships
McFarland February 2012
Published in the book Marketing Your Library: Tips and Tools That Work

Initiating STEM Learning in Libraries
Children and Libraries Summer/Fall 2012 issue

How NOT to Reinvent the STEM Wheel: Using Crowdsourcing and Community Partners
Scarecrow Press
Published in the book How to STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Education in Libraries

Works in Progress:

Rag Collector's Daughter 
Status: Querying 
Juvenile Picture Book 
Approximately 2500 word picture book manuscript. THE RAG COLLECTOR'S DAUGHTER is based on the true accounts of my Grandmother Julia, her horse Dorothy, and growing up a first generation Hungarian-American in 1920s New Jersey.
Jules and her little brother, Danny, are greeted at the gate to the school yard by Dorothy, the horse Papa uses to collect the rags and papers he sells to the junk man. Jules knows Papa will be angry, but decides to take Danny and Dorothy to the little island in the middle of the river. It is an afternoon filled with fun and daydreaming until its time to return home and Dorothy refuses to enter the river. When Papa comes to their rescue, Jules is sure it means big trouble...maybe even losing Dorothy.

Moon at Dusk 
Status: In Progress
YA Paranormal Historical
'Farewell best beloved, here at last I shall rest with thee, with thee in Christ I shall rise again'—inscription over the door to Frogmore Royal Mausoleum, Queen Victoria’s final resting place.
Angylika's mother was attacked by a vampire hours before she was born. Her grandmother is a witch and her father made a crossroads bargain with Death.
Quinn witnessed a demon kill his mother.  Along with his foster brother, Sir Colin Stoker, he works for a basement department of the Home Office that investigates the things that go bump in the night.
Queen Victoria has just died, thrusting their two worlds crashing into each other. Word among both paranormals and humans is that something bad is coming. 
Is it still treason to kill a queen if she is already dead? Or do the shadows hide an even older evil that is coming to roost?

Going on A Yeti Hunt 
Status: Querying 
Picture Book
350 words.
Going on a Yeti Hunt is a retelling of the traditional action song of Going on aBear Hunt. The twist is that rather than hunting a bear, the child is hunting a mythical snow beast, the Yeti. 
A young child goes on the hunt for a Yeti much in the same way of the traditional bear hunt from the song: "We're going to catch a big one. / Gonna catch a big one! / We're not scared. / Oh-oh! Grass! / Long, wavy grass. / We can't go over it. / We can't go under it. / Oh, no! / We've got to go through it!" The child stomps through the snow, climbs up a mountain, crosses a shaky bridge, into a deep cave where she finally finds a Yeti. Imagining the Yeti following close behind, the child races home back across the shaky bridge, sliding down the mountain, tripping in the snow until finally safe it is revealed that the adventure took place in her own backyard. The journey was all in her imagination.

Hooking the Hollywood Hottie
Status: Work In Progress
YA Romantic Comedy
Darcie's parents are getting a divorce. To "protect" her, they send her to spend the Summer with her Uncle Ray in Florida. Florida is a long way from the New Jersey Suburbs where her best friend is living the Sweet Sixteen Summer Dream that should have been Darcie's. Until Darcie meets Xander Marshall, son of Hollywood Power Couple Kathleen Tate and Tom Marshall. Could Xander really be interested? Stuff like this doesn't happen in real life--or does it?

Misadventures of a Pop-Rock Princess
Status: Work In Progress
New Adult, Romantic Comedy
Jacqueline "Jax" Brooklyn wants more than anything to be in a band. Then she lands the gig of a lifetime as the keyboarder for the popular band Fyre. There is just one problem. Fyre is an all guy group. Not to mention that she and the lead singer, Ian, don't exactly get along. Can she keep the secret of her gender hidden from the rest of the band long enough to prove herself?