Saturday, March 17, 2012

Give me Free Shipping!

I love infographics. I found the link for this on Pinterest and thought it was just a little too close to what I was saying in a previous post not to share:


Now, I was already aware of some of the tricks marketers use to get us to buy...yeah, that whole color logo thing, ever wonder why McD's, BK, KFC, and all the ret use similar colors? Cause of the effect it as on our moods. They make us hungry and there are also colors that make us buy.

I wanted to point out part of the infographic that points out that when Amazon dropped their minimum for free shipping, sales went up. Consumers bought more and spent more. I have no problem with this. The way I figure it, it is just like when we have a gift card or a coupon when we go out to eat...we tip the server the difference between the bill and the discount (plus 15-20%...yeah, my husband has even there done that, so we like to pass it on). I have a budget when I shop online and have to consider S&H into the final total to fit my price. If I no longer have to pay the S&H ten I will not only buy more, but might even justify *cough* going over my budget *cough*.

So retailers, if you are reading this...more free shipping!




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